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A community of women who want to run, win, and lead in local office

Welcome to Electable. We are an online community that gives you the tools and resources to get elected in your local community. Electable is for women who are fed up with the status quo and ready to do something about it.

Since 2020


The people making decisions for you and your body don’t look or sound like you. You feel hopeful when the few female representatives go to bat for issues that are important to you. You hear your own concerns and values when they speak.

So you vote for, canvass for, and make calls for these women. Seeing them in action inspires you, and you wonder if you could do what they’re doing.

Spoiler alert: You can.
And Electable is where you start.

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Our Community

This community right here? We understand what you’re going through. We’ve run for and been elected to office. We’ve also helped other women get elected as volunteers and professional strategists. Our 50+ founding members have done it while pregnant, while holding down full-time jobs, while trying to navigate it all for the first time without a roadmap. And heck, we could have used one!

Even if you’re the first among your family or friends to run, even if you’re not starting with an extensive network or thousands of dollars in campaign funds, we’ll show you how to navigate running for and getting elected to office, particularly at the local level.

We’ll be your network, and we’ll equip you with everything you need to know to get elected. We are putting our years of experience and learning behind you. We know you have what it takes, we’re just here to help you get there.

Let’s fill the bench with women who represent the diverse voices in our country, from the Rockies to the Appalachian Mountains, and everywhere in between.